The Best mobile Games: Which Ones to Play
most popular mobile games

Most Popular Mobile Games – Did Your Favourite Game Made It Here?

Explore the wild world of mobile gaming that talks about the 15 best games ever! From the endless dash of Temple Run to the addictive puzzles of Candy Crush, we’ve got all your favorites covered. Plus, get the scoop on the top downloads and revenue champions of 2024 for both iOS and Android.

The most popular mobile games are being played anywhere, and we mean anywhere… A teen battling it out in a shooting game with his homies in his room (Arena), and a guy with a freshly fractured leg probably playing an open-world game on his hospital bed, making everyone else wish their legs were fractured too. Gamer’s Logic Joins the Chat!

Sometimes even a silly little game makes one addicted for hours and hours. There is a flood of mobile games that give you a dose of addiction and & you just can’t run away once you play them.

If we speak about recent numbers by Statista, In March 2024, Ojol The Game was the top download on Google Play with 16.05 million installs. Ludo King came in second with 14.07 million downloads globally.

Well, we know you’re here to read about the most popular games and we’re no longer letting you wait. So let’s get started and hope you find your next binge game. Good Luck!

Top 15 Mobile Games of All Time 

First, the following list we will share about the best mobile games of all time is our independent opinion based on certain criteria like gameplay, reviews, downloads, originality, and so on. 

There is no such genre limitation, so you’ll basically see the 15 Best  & most popular mobile games of All Time in the most freestyle way:

1. Temple Run

Available on: iOS, Android 

temple run

Start the drums and rolls for the best mobile games of all time, here’s the No.1 Game on the list ‘Temple Run’. Temple Run is the OG of endless runners. Before the mobile gaming world got crowded with endless runner titles, Imangi Studios’ flagship game had everyone hooked.

Temple Run channels major Indiana Jones vibes – dash endlessly to escape a giant creature, grab coins, and pull off cool moves to keep your hero alive. It brings out the archaeologist in all of us! Temple Run is also one of the top rated game apps.

2. Subway Surfers

Available on: iOS, Android

subway surfers

Subway Surfers was released a decade ago and this game carries its own legacy & it deserves to rank 2 here among the best mobile games of all time. Memories of people are still nostalgic when there used to be not much competition in the mobile gaming world and that’s when Subway Surfers hit the market.

With its bright and bubbly look, this game draws in younger players, keeping it high in the rankings on the App Store and Google Play.

3. Candy Crush

Available on: iOS, Android

candy crush

Candy Crush and its countless sequels are the ultimate match-three mobile puzzlers. All those delicious sweet treats and fizzy sodas are just waiting for you to match them up in a ton of tricky puzzle levels.

If there’s one game your grandparents are probably still hooked on, it’s Candy Crush. That’s the kinda loyal audience Candy Crush has! The game is also one of the top rated game apps.

4. Angry Birds

Available on: iOS, Android

angry birds

We are talking about those birds who need some happiness seminars…. They are the Angry ones… Angry Birds! The core Angry Birds series nails that casual puzzle vibe and has been a mobile gaming classic since its launch. It is also one of the most played android games. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some bird-flinging and pig-smashing to do!

5. Sky: Children of the Light

Available on: iOS, Android

sky children of the light

Sky: Children of the Light received the iPhone Game of the Year in the year 2019. If the PS3 gem Journey blew your mind, Sky: Children of the Light will do the same. In the beautifully animated Kingdom of Sky, you and another sky-faring player set out to explore the open skies and journey through its seven realms.

As you get nearer to your co-op partner and boost your ability to stay airborne, you’ll attempt to restore the fallen light taken away from the kingdom’s vast constellations. Also to mention, Sky: Children of the Light is considered one of the top rated game apps.

6. Dots & Boxes: A New Era

Available on: iOS, Android

dots boxes a new era

Undoubtedly, this multiplayer board game comes in an underrated realm of mobile games. Dots & Boxes has a loyal fan base and outstanding reviews on the Play Store that make this game not just unique but a super hit.

The special feature of power-ups adds the cherry on the cake. Also, as per the reports, the popular mobile game will have a grand update this year that may break some of the records in the gaming world.

7. Geometry Dash

Available on: iOS, Android

geometry dash

Keep the beat, dodge endless obstacles, and conquer the crazy levels that Geometry Dash throws at you. This deceptively simple mobile platformer combines platforming with rhythm game mechanics, making for a super addictive experience.

The game’s killer soundtrack keeps you hooked and helps you master its diverse stage elements. Half the fun of Geometry Dash is crafting your custom levels and testing your game design skills to see if they measure up.

8. Call of Duty

Available on: iOS, Android

call of duty

Coming 8th in the list of best & most popular mobile games is none other than Call of Duty. Call of Duty will always remain an OG game that first did wonders in early PC gaming era. Now that Mobile games technology has evolved so many famous PC games are shining on the small screen too.

The mobile version of the world’s favorite first-person shooter packs in all the multiplayer modes and Battle Royale action that console players have loved for years. Plus, with the addition of the “Zombies” mode, the Call of Duty delivers an experience that rivals its console counterpart.

9. Plants vs Zombies 

Available on: iOS, Android 

plants vs zombies

Who would’ve thought that everyday plants could be the ultimate defense against the “Walking Dead?” That’s the genius behind Plants vs. Zombies. 

Its addictive grid-based strategy gameplay has you setting up different plants based on their strengths and weaknesses. It’s just as captivating now as when it first came out. In the list of best phone games of all time, Mobile strategy games don’t get any better than this!

10. Fruit Ninja 

Available on: iOS, Android

fruit ninja

The cutting of fruits was never this cinematic before!! Slicing up all kinds of fruits with just a swipe is a unique joy we didn’t know we needed until the release of Fruit Ninja.

Swiping your screen like crazy and using a bunch of power-ups to slice through fruit is insanely fun. Both the original and the sequel have a knack for putting players in a zen mode with those massive fruit-slashing combos.

11. PUBG

Available on: iOS, Android


Fortnite came later, it was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that defined a similar genre of open-world survival game. A game that defined a benchmark on how a gaming studio can add great gameplay of survival along with multiplayer options. 

When PUBG finally hit mobile, players were stoked to find it matched the console version almost perfectly. PUBG MOBILE keeps the action going strong with awesome special events that keep the player base hooked.

12. Clash of Clans 

Available on: iOS, Android

clash of clans

When it comes to the most popular mobile games, then how can we not speak about Clash of Clans? A game is famous when copy-cats of your game arrive in the market!! The same goes with Clash of Clans. There is a flood of games that are in a similar format after the massive success of the popular mobile game. 

13 Among Us 

Available on: iOS, Android

among us

Among Us blew up in 2020 and became one of the best “whodunit” games we’ve ever played. Its social deduction mechanics lead to some hilarious moments with friends.

Among Us is like this generation’s Clue, making it a game night favorite for all ages. We especially love playing as the imposter and sabotaging everyone’s tasks – they’ll never know it was us!

14 Jetpack Joyride 

Available on: iOS, Android

jetpack joyride

We all have turned too smart nowadays, but Jetpack Joyride boomed when the smartphones were just introduced. Every mobile games company should take notes from Jetpack Joyride as the game checked marked everything. 

The goal is to keep your jetpack-fueled little guy in the air and dodging laser beams, missiles, and other obstacles. Playable mechs crank up the fun in this endless runner, and the coin-collecting action just makes it even more of an addictive time-killer.

15 Pokemon GO 

Available on: iOS, Android

pokemon go

Who thought that just the introduction of augmented reality in a game in the most relevant way would make people go crazy. Pokemon GO was launched back in the days in the year 2016 & which was the start of the “Flock of people roaming here and there with their phones in order to find Pokemons”. 

Undoubtedly Pokemon GO comes in the list of one of the best mobile game in the world & this AR mobile game is still killing it in the genre thanks to its legendary status and super addictive goal—“GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!” Where’s that elusive Shiny Charmander?

Top 20 Most Downloaded iOS Games of 2024 (So Far)

Below is the list of the top 20 most popular games on iPhone by downloads – 2024 Edition:

1Monopoly Go!11Township
2Twisted Tangle12Happy Match Cafe: Draw & Find
3Royal Match13My Perfect Hotel
4Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle14Subway Surfers
5Roblox15Dice Dreams
6Last War: Survival16Tetris
7Block Blast!17GTA: San Andreas – NETFLIX
8Outlets Rush18Match Factory!
9Call of Duty: Mobile19Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
10We Are Warriors!20Among Us!

Top 20 Most Downloaded Android Games of 2024 (So Far)

Below is the list of the top 20 most popular Android games by downloads – 2024 Edition:

1Monopoly Go!11Subway Surfers
2Help Me: Tricky Story12Magic Tiles 3
3Roblox13Geometry Dash Lite
4Match Frenzy: 1 Line Draw14Stumble Guys
5Block Blast!15Tetris
6Traffic Escape!16Weapon Master: Gun Shooter Run
7Royal Match17Tile Family: Match Puzzle Game
8Dice Dreams18Build A Queen
9Last War: Survival Game19Candy Crush Saga
10Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle20Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Top 20 Games on iOS in terms of Revenue 

Revenue is a whole different thing compared to downloads. Of course, most played games on iPhone would make more bucks, but that’s just the start. You need engagement, passion, long-term play, and killer gameplay to really rake it in.

Check out the top iOS games by revenue in 2024 (so far):

1Genshin Impact11Homescapes
2Candy Crush Saga12Call of Duty: Mobile
3Royal Match13Evony
4Roblox14Jackpot Party – Casino Slots
6Marvel SNAP16Bingo Blitz
7Coin Master17Candy Crush Soda Saga
8Pokemon GO18Rise of Kingdoms
9Township19Puzzles & Survival
10Clash of Clans20Age of Origins: Tower Defense

Top 20 Best Android Games of All Time by Revenue 

Check out the top 20 Android games by revenue in 2024 (so far):

1Monopoly Go!11Evony
2Royal Match12RAID: Shadow Legends
3Candy Crush Saga13Gardenscapes
4Coin Master14Whiteout Survival
5Roblox15Candy Crush Soda Saga
7Jackpot Party Casino Slots17Call of Duty: Mobile
8Solitaire Grand Harvest18Cashman Casino Las Vegas Slots
9Pokemon GO19Dice Dreams
10Bingo Blitz: Bingo Games20Clash of Clans
cta most popular mobile games

Last Thoughts on Mobile Games and Their Popularity 

If your favorite game did not hit the list then probably because there are 10+ Million apps in Google Play and iOS App Store, you know what we’re saying. 

Of Course, games are fun to play but what about the underrated ones? Do you need one more blog about Underrated Mobile Games of all time? Or something related to mobile game development? Do let us know on our social media handles, we will customize it for yea all. 

We’re glad that you read about the most popular mobile games and thanks for doing your part. Our part is not done yet, we must inform you that there are a lot of games you might be missing out on. The games may not seem complex but they are fun and intriguing. Shall we reveal what we’ve been cooking for years? 

300Mind is a Gaming Studio that has made some epic hyper casual games like Dots & Boxes – A New Era, ROFL, and some adventure games like Bal Hanuman and much more. 

Do check more about us and yes, keep the passion for games ALIVE!!

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