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Crafting a 3D Game Character: Concept to Animation

The Journey of crafting a 3D game character from concept to animation. Throughout this process, there is ongoing collaboration between the creative team and the artists to ensure that the character's design and animation align with the initial concept and the project's requirements. The final outcome is a fully animated character ready to be integrated into the larger animation or project. This character possesses a distinctive appearance, personality, and lifelike movements, all carefully crafted through a collaborative effort involving concept artists, 3D modelers, rigging artists, and animators. Tools: Procreate, Blender, and Maya

Key Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Your Game Art Project

Outsourcing your game art project but unsure how to choose the right partner? Our guide is here to help! Learn the key factors and tips for successful game art project outsourcing.

Story Behind ROFL Game - Ep 25

The creator of ROFL Assembled & gave us insights behind making ROFL - Roll Fall land. The game has already done wonders in terms of downloads and increasing user numbers every day. From developing the game to doing the music/sound work, character design to other designs, everything got covered in a single episode.