We're a creative design and development studio that turn ideas into exceptional digital products.

300Mind is a team of multidisciplinary digital product designers dedicated to crafting unforgettable user experiences. We pride ourselves as we constantly challenge our expertise to break legacy design principles and craft digital products infused with out-of-the-box ideas that improve the experience of millions of users every single day.

what drives us is Our vision for creatinguplifting UX

Our approach to addressing your idea is simple: we want you to have a holistic experience. Our vision is to help people grow their businesses with our creative solutions.

Every single product we design, we put people first. After all, people - who we call users are the heart of the digital product. Therefore, we call ourselves a people-centric UI/UX design agency on a mission to bring robust and scalable digital experiences into the life that sweetens millions of lives.

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We're in pursuit of creativity

We create designs that go well with our client's demands without losing the touch of creativity.

We think - if we are smart and creative, then our clients are savvy - who give us this great mission to stay creative and competitive consistently. With keeping creativity and people-first in mind, we also believe there's no boundary in design expectations.

However, reaching that one compelling design should always feel like an amusing road trip worth experiencing. Yes, we are on a mission to break all boundaries with our artistic touch!

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Is the design project simple or complex? No worries! We enjoy working on innovative design projects regardless of the difficulties. We can't wait to discover needs and illustrate the world-class design that sets higher standards.

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