We are your strategic game design partner, enabling you to hire dedicated game designers who will work closely with you to create a digital gaming masterpiece tailored to your needs and help you succeed in today's experience-centric gaming world.

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Hire Game Artists For Your Various Design Requirements

Be your requirement for 2D or 3D designs, we have specialists who can meet your requirements. Hire game designers with extensive experience in catering to diverse requirements of clients - be it designing for logical games or multiplayer environmental-rich games.

Hire Game Concept Artists

Hire game concept artists from our talent pool to get expert support in the planning and design stages of game storyboarding, game mechanics, characters, environment, props and objects, and much more.

Hire 2D/3D Artists

Our 2D/3D Artists or 3D modeling specialists for hire will utilize their extensive industry experience to help you get top-notch game design solutions that meet your and modern players’ higher gaming experience expectations.

Hire Game Character Designers

Hire game character designers from our designated teams of 2D and 3D artists to bring your dream character for your game and marketing purposes with what the audience can resonate with.

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Hire Game Environment Designers

Hire game designers from our creative team to help you bring the game environment design of your imagination to life, offering a captivating gaming experience to your target players.

Hire Game Level Designers

Hire game level designers from our strategic team to plan and scale up your game territory with more levels and difficulties so you can provide a better gaming experience to players.

Hire Game UI/UX Designers

Hire our game UI/UX designers to work on your dream game project to deliver you a design solution that is appealing to view and easy to navigate, ensuring better usability of your game UI.

Ready to Hire Game Designers From Our Team?

300Mind is a hub of extensively experienced and creative digital game designers following the gamer-centric approach you need to craft a top-notch gaming experience.

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Our Work

We do not just create game environments and interfaces but entirely a new world that players want to be teleported into. Have a look at our extensive game art design portfolio and hire us confidently:

Game Design Tools Our Artists Use

Here are the state-of-the-art game design tools we use to turn your gaming concepts into immersive gaming experiences:

Your Vision, Our Execution - A Shared Success

At 300Mind, our game artists design alluring and engaging game worlds through a collaborative and tailored approach. Here are the steps taken by our clients and from our side provide perfect-fit recommendations to hire video game designers, meeting skills and project requirements.

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    Got a game design idea and need a talent to work on it? Share that with us to discuss further

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    Select your right-fit talent from a shared shortlisted resource pool by interviewing them

  • green tick

    Onboard the talent in your team - who will closely work with you

  • green tick

    Give feedback when required (We can have this session after the completion of each milestone)

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    Analyze your project requirements to create a pool of right-fit game artists for your project

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    Sign required cross-agreements, including an NDA, Service-level Agreement, etc.

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    Conduct regular standup meetings to check the project progress and ensure transparency

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    Get your frequent feedback and make amendments accordingly

Dedicated Hiring Models We Follow

Onboard skillful game designers and developers to avail of best-in-class gaming solutions. Our professionals have years long experience in handling your project responsibly.

Extend Your Creative Capabilities

Choose this model to hire creative game artists from our team to add to your team who will work as your dedicated talent.

Create A Dedicated Remote Team

Choose this model to hire a team consisting of game designers, developers, animators, etc., from our team as your dedicated remote team.

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Why Hire Game Artists from 300Mind?

At 300Mind, our game designers for hire are superbly creative, have deep analytical abilities, and think outside the box to deliver outstanding game design solutions, offering amazing gaming experiences.

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Creative Excellence

Our game designers for hire are passionate creators with a proven track record of delivering outstanding visual and conceptual designs for your game and visual needs.

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Innovative Thinking

At 300Mind, we believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Our artists offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, uplifting gaming experience.

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Whether it's providing updates, addressing concerns, or answering questions, we are always accessible and responsive to client needs.

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Strategic Approach

Our game artists create elements considering factors such as target audience, market trends, and competitive analysis that not only look great but also resonate with players.

A Team of Game Designers Delivering Top-Tier Design Solutions

300Mind is a leading game design studio with a creative team of game designers passionate about crafting worlds beyond imagination. With expertise across game design areas, we help you create game worlds with strategic-level design that make players engage with the game world and get immersed in it.

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Hire Game Designers From 300Mind in 4 Easy Steps

describe needs
Describe your needs

Please share your requirements with us for further analysis and to understand your needs clearly.

shortlist talent
Shortlist the right-fit talent

We'll deeply analyze your shared requirements to curate a pool of right-fit dedicated talents for you to hire.

interview the talent
Interview the talent

Schedule the interview with your shortlisted talents to choose the one you think will be the best match to your requirements.

onboard talent
Onboard the talent & start the project

Onboard your selected remote talent in your team, begin your project and start utilizing the expertise of your dedicated talent for your project.

What We Assure To Provide

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    Guaranteed 160 working hours

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    Daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email

  • hiring employee

    Direct communication support with our resource(s)

  • hiring employee

    Weekly/monthly/yearly hiring

  • code delivery

    Daily/weekly/monthly code delivery

  • time zone

    Flexible office hours depend on the timezone

Start a project within 48 hours!

Experience a seamless hiring process to quickly onboard the right talent and start benefiting from every deliverable.

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Explore What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Game Designers

Discover the rave reviews and words of appreciation from our satisfied clients, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of our game designers.

It was indeed an amazing experience, to be frank! They helped me make a super thrilling game. Hats off to their dedication & quicker response!

alex r Alex R. Technical Head

Choosing 300Mind was a game-changer for our project. The level of creativity and attention to detail have helped us improve the overall performance of our game.

steven musk Steven Musk CTO

We hired 300Mind to design characters for our marketing campaign from the project pitch to creative delivery, they proved their competency in the field of character modeling.

laura dcosta Laura D’costa AVP - Marketing

With 300Mind, our character concepts came to life. The team captured the essence of our ideas, turning them into visually striking characters at the heart of our game.

chris warne Chris Warne Creative Head

We hired 3D artists from 300Mind for game modeling and animation. They not only met but also suggested enhancements for an improved gaming experience.

padro vasquez Padró Vasquez Game Artist

Experts at 300Mind are quite knowledgeable and creative thinkers, who understood our game environment requirements and facilitated us with alluring concepts.

santiago ríos Santiago Ríos Sr. Game Concept Artist

Frequently asked questions

Explore answers to the most asked queries about hiring dedicated game designers that may guide you to make informed decisions in selecting your team for your game design and development project.

A game designer plays a pivotal role in your game development project and is responsible for designing and creating the overall game world concept, rules, mechanics, story, level designing, and much more to ensure your game comes out as fun, playable, and engaging that any gamer would love to come back to play.

Well, it’s a bit hard to tell the cost of hiring game designers without knowing your requirements as it can vary widely based on factors such as experience, expertise, location, and the scope of the project. Contact us now with your requirements to know the cost estimation to hire video game designers from our team.

Our game artists use many robust design tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma (for game UI design), Blender, Adobe Substance 3D (for model texturing).

We assess the quality of design through our design quality assurance framework, where each design created by the designer is reviewed at different stages, such as peer reviews and internal reviews, and then after all amendments, we send it for the final client reviews.

To begin with the game design project, you first need to hire mobile game designers by providing your game vision, detailed game design documentation, budget and timeline, competitive analysis, user research, technical specifications, and much more.

Our standard workday is from 10 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri), as per Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5:30). However, we understand that some tasks and meetings may require more time, so our game designers are willing to extend their working hours by 3-5 +/- hours as needed.

Hire game UX designers from 300Mind who are versatile and adaptive in nature. To onboard game design experts in our team, we conduct an in-house training program to exchange game art & design skills and ensure our artists can gain proficiency in various types & genres of game design projects.

Well, this is usually the case with us because we follow a player-centric approach. However, in such situations, we can ask for your feedback and make amendments to the design accordingly.

Protecting clients' intellectual properties is our foremost priority. Hence, we ensure to close the deal by signing an NDA and delivering the project by all formalities to transfer the IP, along with design deliverables.