Our Creative Game Art Services

Being a leading Game Art Studio, we leverage cutting-edge game design and modeling tools to meet your diverse requirements through our end-to-end game art design services.

2D Game Art Design

With the power of our visuals and artistic aim, we are your 2D game art outsourcing partner creating artwork matching your standards through our 2D game art design services.

  • 2D Art Research
  • 2D Concept Art
  • 2D Character Design
  • 2D Environment Design
  • 2D Illustrations

3D Game Art Design

Our 3D artists give depth to the game wonders they create to fuel excitement and provide indelible gaming experiences with our 3D game art services.

  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Concept Art
  • 3D Environment Design
  • 3D Props Design
  • NFT Asset Creation

Concept Game Art Design

Our concept art design services include extensive brainstorming and research to come up with ideas, setting up the right mood & tone for your dream game design and story project.

  • Art Research
  • Script-2-Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Level Concept Art
  • Environment & Character Concept Art

Game Character Design

From heroes to monsters, our designed characters steal the spotlight and capture players’ hearts.

  • Concept Art & Modelling
  • Character Customization
  • Character Styling
  • Wardrobe Design
  • Creature Design
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Game Environment Design

We create capturing game environments that transport players into breathtaking adventures.

  • Landscapes and Terrain Design
  • Architecture
  • Game Level Design
  • Atmospheric Effects
  • Navigation and Waypoints

Game Level Design

Creating exceptionally thoughtful, synced game levels that keep players hooked & sparks their curiosity.

  • Enemy/Obstacle Placement
  • Reward Planning
  • Flow & Progression
  • Level Scripting
  • Hidden Secrets and Collectibles

Game UI UX Design

We design game UI/UX that matches with your game’s genre, tone, and player expectations.

  • Game UX Research
  • Game UI UX Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Menu Design
  • Heads-Up Display Design
  • Motion UI Design

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Let our game artists craft jaw-dropping game art that harnesses technicalities with artistic brilliance!

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Our Game Art Design Work

We do not just create game environments and interfaces but entirely a new world that players want to be teleported into. Have a look at our extensive game art design portfolio and hire us confidently:

Genres of Games We Serve

Be it hyper-casual games, arcade games, or battle games - our creative team of game artists and developers has the expertise to meet your extensive game development scenarios that your target players love to play.

  • educational games Educational Games
  • Role Playing Games Role Playing Games
  • casual games Casual Games
  • Adventure Games Adventure Games
  • Action Games Action Games
  • survival games Survival Games
  • Casino Games Casino Games
  • Battle Royal Games Battle Royal Games
  • arcade games Arcade Games
  • Sandbox Games Sandbox Games
  • Simulation Games Simulation Games
  • Strategy Games Strategy Games
  • Sports Games Sports Games
  • puzzle games Puzzle Games

Team Composition For Your Game Art Project

At 300Mind - as a leading game art outsourcing studio, we have a designated team of talents with different skills who can help you meet your game art design services-related requirements:

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Lead Artist/Art Director

Oversees the entire art production process and sets the artistic direction and style guidelines for the game with feedback.

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Concept Artist

Brainstorms and creates concept art to visualize characters, environments, and key game assets through sketches and mood boards.

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Character Artist

Creates 2D/3D characters based on concept art and collaborates with animators and riggers to ensure proper character rigging & animation.

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2D/3D Artist

Experts in creating immersive and visually stunning 2D/3D game environments, landscapes, and props and give textures and details to prepare high-quality graphics.

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Game UI UX Designer

Designs game UIs, menus, HUD elements that are intuitive, visually appealing, and functional through wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

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Animates characters, creatures, and objects based on design specifications by collaborating with character artists and riggers for impactful visuals.

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Be it designing alluring environments or creative characters, our game artists have got you covered!

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Game Design Tools We Use

Here are the state-of-the-art game design tools we use to turn your gaming concepts into immersive gaming experiences:

  • Our Detail-oriented Game Art Design Approach

    As the best game art outsourcing studio, we ensure that our artists follow a well-crafted framework for the game art creation. Take a look at our end-to-end game art creation process:

  • 1


    Defining the artistic direction and style of the game based on the game's theme, genre, and target audience and creating concept art, mood boards, and style guides for a strong visual identity of the game.

  • 2

    References/Inspiration Gathering

    Conduct research and gather references to inform the creation of art assets. Our artists also collect inspiration from various sources such as art books, movies, games, and real-world environments.

  • 3

    Asset Creation

    Sketch initial game assets such as characters, environment, and props, and then with all clarity on direction, we create final assets by adding proper textures and final finishings ready to go into the development world.

  • 4

    Iteration and Feedback

    Gather feedback from stakeholders, including designers, developers, and testers, to identify areas for improvement and iterate art based on the given feedback.

  • 5


    Optimize art assets for performance by reducing poly counts, texture sizes, and draw calls, bake lighting, optimize shaders to improve rendering efficiency and reduce GPU overhead, and implement LOD for dynamicity.

  • 6

    Art Finalization

    Polish art assets by adding final touches, details, and effects to enhance visual quality, while ensuring consistency in art style, color palette, and visual tone throughout the game.

Engagement Models We Follow

Partner with us to get access to a talented team of game artists and developers who will help you get best-in-class gaming solutions. At 300Mind, we not only customize game solutions as per your requirements but also offer you the best-fit engagement model for your project.


Ideal for projects with well-defined scope and requirements, our fixed-cost model ensures budget predictability and delivery within agreed-upon timelines.

Flexible Hourly Bucket

Perfect for projects with evolving requirements or those that require ongoing support and maintenance, allowing you to purchase hours and utilize as required.

Dedicated Hiring

Have full control and visibility over the team composition, and our dedicated game professionals who will become an extension of your in-house team.

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Why Is 300Mind The Best Game Art Outsourcing Studio For Your Project?

Be it creating art for the game or your promotional content, our 2D/3D artists can meet your requirements. Apart from that, below are the reasons that make us your ideal game art outsourcing studio for your creative project:

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Unique and Customized Artwork

We have a reputation as a game art studio, crafting unique art pieces that meet your liking standards and help your game stand out from the market competition.

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Attention to Detail

Artists at 300Mind give meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of their artwork, from the intricate textures and animations to the overall composition and visual storytelling.

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Fast Turnaround Times

Our game art creation is followed by a robust framework and impressive project management approach, enabling us to deliver your game artwork as per the decided timeline.

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Collaborative Approach

From maintaining in-team collaboration to with clients, our game artists meet the highest standards by seeking feedback and meeting project goals to deliver satisfactory experiences.

A Leading Game Art Studio Crafting Outstanding 2D and 3D Game Worlds

As a leading game art design studio, 300Mind specializes in crafting outstanding 2D and 3D game worlds for different platforms that captivate players and immerse them in unforgettable experiences. From intricate level designs to character animations, our expert game designers are dedicated to delivering top-quality game worlds that elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

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Words of Appreciation from Our Clients

Explore the testimonials from our diverse clientele, each expressing their appreciation for the personalized attention, innovative solutions, and exceptional results that we helped them achieve through our unmatched game art design services:

It was indeed an amazing experience, to be frank! They helped me make a super thrilling game. Hats off to their dedication & quicker response!

alex r Alex R. Technical Head

Choosing 300Mind was a game-changer for our project. The level of creativity and attention to detail have helped us improve the overall performance of our game.

steven musk Steven Musk CTO

We hired 300Mind to design characters for our marketing campaign from the project pitch to creative delivery, they proved their competency in the field of character modeling.

laura dcosta Laura D’costa AVP - Marketing

With 300Mind, our character concepts came to life. The team captured the essence of our ideas, turning them into visually striking characters at the heart of our game.

chris warne Chris Warne Creative Head

We hired 3D artists from 300Mind for game modeling and animation. They not only met but also suggested enhancements for an improved gaming experience.

padro vasquez Padró Vasquez Game Artist

Experts at 300Mind are quite knowledgeable and creative thinkers, who understood our game environment requirements and facilitated us with alluring concepts.

santiago ríos Santiago Ríos Sr. Game Concept Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the list of FAQs regarding hiring dedicated game developers that you may want to ask us and many others have asked these questions before:

By opting for game art outsourcing services, you can unlock many benefits, such as:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Access to game industry experts
  • Get diverse opinions
  • Focus more on game advertising and sales

Our team comprises highly skilled artists with an average of 5+ years of experience in game art design. They have successfully worked on diverse complexities of projects, ranging from indie games to AAA titles, ensuring a depth of expertise and a track record of delivering high-quality art assets matching the modern gaming standards.

Well, the cost of creating a game art solution depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the game idea, 2D/3D design requirements, the number of art assets required, the size and experience of the game artists’ team, the gaming studio you select, and the location of the gaming studio. Share your requirements with us to get a cost estimation.

It's a bit difficult to say time as it depends on the complexity of the game art requirements, the experience of the artists, and many other factors.

We prioritize clear communication and collaboration with our clients throughout the game art design process. We work closely with you to understand your vision, game design, and aesthetic preferences, ensuring that the art assets we create align seamlessly with your game's style and narrative.

It'd be an honor to work on your game design project! To start your game design project with 300Mind - game art studio, please follow the following steps:

  • First of all - gather all your game product design requirements for us to cater to;
  • Fill out the contact us form or directly email us your project requirements;
  • Once our executives receive your project details, they begin the exploration phase on it and schedule a call/meeting with your team to come up with mutual agreements with service and cost discussions;
  • Once with all agreements, we’ll align our game artists to start working on your project within 48-72 hours.

Of course! With game design and development, we do offer game-level strategy and designing services as add-ons that challenge your game players more to stay connected to the game for a longer period possible. Contact us to discuss your game project and level-up requirements to keep your game evolving with trends.

When hiring a gaming studio, you must look for their diverse game design portfolio, experience of their in-house game design team, hiring models, and much more.