Our Creative Video and Game Animation Services

We are one of the top creative game animation studios with a team of video and game animation artists passionate about crafting compelling animations that impress and captivate the target audience by offering game animation services that meet your diverse requirements.

2D Animation

Get creative 2D animations services that help you convey your stories and messages in a captivating way beyond its two-dimensional axis.

  • Storyboarding
  • Rigging Animation
  • Cutout Animation
  • Sprite Animation
  • Particle Animation
  • Motion Graphics

3D Animation

Being a 3D animation outsourcing company, we help you model characters, assets, and more, with precise rigging and animation that attract users.

  • Keyframe Animation
  • Motion Capture (MoCap)
  • Rigging & Skeletal Animation
  • Morph Target Animation
  • Particle Animation
  • Procedural Animation

Motion Graphics Design

Transform your concept with captivating motion graphics, special effects, perfect, and execution through our motion graphics design services.

  • Logo Animation
  • Product Animation
  • UI/UX Animation
  • Game Animation
  • Trailers & Cinematics
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
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Ready to Actualize Your Story with Expert Game Animation Services?

As one of the leading game animation studios, we have a team of animators who have an eye for visuals and effects to help you ignite your storytelling with dynamic, captivating animations!

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Our Animation Work

Explore our portfolio of captivating animations, meticulously crafted by our passionate team of artists, and discover how we actualize your concepts through immersive visuals.

Character & Outfit Design


Frog and Bee


3D Shoes Animation


Dobby 3D Character


Team Composition You Get With Animation Services

When it comes to outsourcing video and game animation services, 300Mind stands out as a leading choice as a game animation company because of its specialized team structure for each role responsible for creating a perfect match animation.

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2D Artist

Helps in animation concept and narrative development, storyboarding, and animatics creation.

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3D Artist

If your project is specific to 3D animation, our 3D artists for hire helps in modeling and scene creation and rendering.

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Rigging Specialist

Builds rigging systems for characters and objects for them to move and deform realistically during animation.

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Motion Graphics Artist

Onboard motion graphics artists who collaborate with 2D/3D artists and sound designers to animate assets and do final animation edits.

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Team Lead

Manages the animation process and supervises the team to meet the project's artistic and technical needs.

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Project Manager

Oversees the planning and team coordination with clients, ensuring to meet deadlines and client expectations.

Want to Hire Our Video and Game Animation Team?

300Mind is your ideal game animation company of animators with diverse specializations and skill sets who can meet your unique requirements.

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Animation Tools We Use

Apart from engaging features and high-quality graphics, as a top game animation company, we use state-of-the-art video and game animation tools to deliver amazing video and gaming experiences.

Game Animation Approach We Follow

At 300Mind, as one of the top video and game animation studios, we follow a strategic framework that helps us craft alluring animations that the target audience finds amusing and convincing.


Animation concepts are created, and references and inspirations are gathered to create storyboards and animatics to check the effectiveness of the animation.


Based on 2D/3D animation requirements, our artists help in modeling, rigging, texturing, creating animation with lighting balance, and rendering to see the output.


Layering each animation element for better composition, final animation adjustments/editing, infusing sound, and completing the animation.

Engagement Models We Follow

Partner with us to get access to a talented team of game artists who will help you get best-in-class gaming solutions. At 300Mind, we not only customize game solutions as per your requirements but also offer you the best-fit engagement model for your project.


Ideal for projects with well-defined scope and requirements, our fixed-cost model ensures budget predictability and delivery within agreed-upon timelines.

Flexible Hourly Bucket

Perfect for projects with evolving requirements or those that require ongoing support and maintenance, allowing you to purchase hours and utilize as required.

Dedicated Hiring

Have full control and visibility over the team composition, and our dedicated game professionals who will become an extension of your in-house team.

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Why Is 300Mind Your Ideal Game Animation Company?

Whether looking to outsource your animation project or hire dedicated animators, 300Mind always excels at meeting your requirements. With a precision work approach at the core, below are the reasons that make us stand out from a competitive list of game animation studios.

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Specialized Animation Expertise

Be it a requirement for just storyboarding, rigging, or a complete animation project, we have specialized expertise in our team you can bet on to meet your standards.

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Creativity and Innovation

Our team is dedicated to pushing the limits of animation, exploring new techniques, styles, and technologies to deliver cutting-edge visuals that captivate and engage audiences.

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Quality and Attention to Detail

Our team prides itself on its meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the animation, from character movements to environmental effects, is polished to perfection.

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Collaborative Approach

Throughout the animation process, we'll work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives, making edits as per your feedback to align the output with your vision.

Your Trusted Game Animation Company Infusing Gaming Feels with Creative Effects and Transitions

With a designated team of storyboard artists, concept artists, 2D and 3D animators, motion graphics experts, and other specialists on board, we pride ourselves on delivering end-to-end video and game animation services and have grown to be a leading choice as a game animation outsourcing company.

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Words of Appreciation from Our Clients

Explore the testimonials from our diverse clientele, each expressing their appreciation for the personalized attention, innovative solutions, and exceptional results that we helped them achieve through our unmatched video and game animation services:

It was indeed an amazing experience, to be frank! They helped me make a super thrilling game. Hats off to their dedication & quicker response!

alex r Alex R. Technical Head

Choosing 300Mind was a game-changer for our project. The level of creativity and attention to detail have helped us improve the overall performance of our game.

steven musk Steven Musk CTO

We hired 300Mind to design characters for our marketing campaign from the project pitch to creative delivery, they proved their competency in the field of character modeling.

laura dcosta Laura D’costa AVP - Marketing

With 300Mind, our character concepts came to life. The team captured the essence of our ideas, turning them into visually striking characters at the heart of our game.

chris warne Chris Warne Creative Head

We hired 3D artists from 300Mind for game modeling and animation. They not only met but also suggested enhancements for an improved gaming experience.

padro vasquez Padró Vasquez Game Artist

Experts at 300Mind are quite knowledgeable and creative thinkers, who understood our game environment requirements and facilitated us with alluring concepts.

santiago ríos Santiago Ríos Sr. Game Concept Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the game animation services we provide that have solved the initial queries of our many clients.

We offer a comprehensive range of game animation services, including character animation, environment animation, cutscene animation, motion graphics, and more. Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of animation for various types of games, from mobile games to AAA titles.

Yes, we provide rigging services to create skeletal structures for characters and animation retargeting services to adapt animations to different character models or rigs, as we have character rigging specialists in our team. This ensures seamless integration of animations into your game environment.

We prioritize clear communication and collaboration with our clients throughout the animation process. We work closely with you to understand your vision, game design, and aesthetic preferences, ensuring that the animations we create align seamlessly with your game's style and narrative.

Yes, we offer animation services for game trailers, teasers, promotional videos, and marketing materials. Our motion graphics team can help you create engaging and visually stunning animations that showcase your game's features and attract players.

When you outsource game animation project, you can unlock many benefits, such as:

  • Cost and time saving;
  • Access to game and animation industry experts;
  • Get diverse opinions;
  • Focus more on game advertising and sales.

Well, the cost of a game animation solution can depend on various factors, like the duration of the video, the complexity, and detailing of the animation, scripting, and storyboarding requirements, and many others. You can share your animation requirements with us to get a cost estimation.

When looking for game animation studios to hire the best one, you must look for their diverse game design and animation portfolio, experience of their in-house game design and animation team, hiring models, and much more.

We always ensure to follow a client-centric approach and hence welcome feedback and revision requests from the clients throughout the animation process. We value your feedback and strive to accommodate revisions and ensure that the final animations meet your expectations.

Animated videos can become a solid marketing asset to businesses, which helps them get:

  • Improved SEO results
  • Better ROI
  • Better brand recognition
  • Soared conversion rates
  • Deliver the brand message in a creative way
  • Builds brand trust with the target audience

Yes, of course, we'd love to! In fact, in our experience working with global clients, we have dealt with certain projects which were left incomplete by clients’ previous service providers due to some reasons. We understand how critical this project is for your business. Please talk to our experts - who can help you derive the best service plan to cater to your game animation requirements.