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Harnessing the power of the Unreal game engine and creativity, our team of Unreal developers for hire pushes all boundaries to deliver exceptional games with awe-inspiring visuals and seamless mechanics, creating unparalleled gaming experiences for this modern generation of players.

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2 Business Days

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    Get 100% Seamless Resource Replacement

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    Flexible Hiring Models Tailored for Your Needs

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    100% NDA-protected Contract Confidentiality Assurance

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who we are
who we are

A Team of Unreal Engine Game Developers Building Incredible Gaming Universes

When it comes to crafting unparalleled gaming experiences, Unreal Engine is the most trusted, reliable gaming engine. At 300Mind, we are proud of having a talented team of dedicated Unreal Engine developers onboard who are true gaming masters with the exceptional capabilities in Unreal to craft worlds of wonders and excitement.

who we are
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Hire Unreal Engine Game Developers to Unlock Gaming Excellence

Irrespective of the project's complexity and genre, we have a team of seasoned Unreal game developers who can help you set incredible standards for your game project.

  • Unreal Game World Creation

  • Unreal Game Prototyping

  • Full-cycle Unreal 3D Game Development

  • AR/VR Game Development

  • AI/ML-powered Game Development

  • Unreal Engine Game Enhancement & Support

Supercharge Your Unreal Game Development Team Now!

Ready to bring awe-inspiring Unreal wonders to reality? Seize the greatness now! Assemble your dedicated team of Unreal engine game developers here to take the command over gaming bizarre!

Our Work

We do not just create a game but an experience that your players love to explore and deep dive into. Have a look at our extensive Unreal engine game development portfolio and hire us confidently:

Your Vision, Our Execution - A Shared Success

At 300Mind, our Unreal Engine game developers create high-performing games with strategic planning, utilizing proven best practices, and a collaborative approach. Here are the steps taken by our clients and us to align the perfect fit pool to hire Unreal engine game developers, meeting the required skills.

  • green tick

    Let us know about your vision;

  • green tick

    Select your right-fit talent from a shared shortlisted resource pool by interviewing them;

  • green tick

    Onboard the talent in your team and in your communication channel - who will closely work with you;

  • green tick

    Give feedback when required (We can have this session after the completion of each milestone).

  • green tick

    Analyze your project requirements to create a pool of right-fit game artists for your project;

  • green tick

    Sign required cross-agreements, including an NDA, Service-level Agreement, etc.;

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    Conduct regular standup meetings to check the project progress and ensure transparency;

  • green tick

    Get your frequent feedback and make amendments accordingly.

A Leading Game Design & Development Studio That Builds Outstanding 2D and 3D Games

With a successful record of developing stunning games for native and cross-platforms, crafting 2D/3D models, and creating mesmerizing motion graphics and animation, 300Mind has grown to be a leading game design and development company.

100K+ Game Downloads

We use advanced tools and technologies for game design & development. Our team follows top gaming standards, precisions, and excellent craftsmanship to develop your game. So your game can achieve more no. of downloads.

20+ Games Developed

300Mind is a one-stop shop offering comprehensive game design and development services. Our services include game conceptualization, design & development, animation, publishing, and post-launch support.

97% Repetitive Clients

We have flexible engagement models to facilitate experts for game design and development. 300Mind delivers exceptional customer service matching your expectations, timeline, tech stack, and preferences.

25+ Game Development Experts

Our in-house team is well-versed in leveraging the latest game development technologies, programming languages, and game engines. They follow an established project management process and handle challenges efficiently.

10+ 2D & 3D Artists

Our 2D & 3D Artists create extraordinary designs, graphics, 2D/3D animations, and motion graphics for games. Our developers follow industry trends and consider players' preferences to make the design more intriguing.

07+ Motion Graphics Artists

Be it Animation and visual Effects for the game, any video concept, or enhancing the overall look and feel of menus, buttons, and interactive elements in gaming interfaces, our expert motion graphics artists excel at everything.

Dedicated Hiring Models We Follow

Onboard skillful game designers and developers to avail of best-in-class gaming solutions. Our professionals have years long experience in handling your project responsibly.

Extend Your Creative Capabilities

Choose this model to hire creative game artists from our team to add to your team who will work as your dedicated talent.

Create A Dedicated Remote Team

Choose this model to hire a team consisting of game designers, developers, animators, etc., from our team as your dedicated remote team.


Hire Unreal Engine Game Developers From 300Mind in 4 Easy Steps

describe needs

Describe your needs

Please share your requirements with us for further analysis and to understand your needs clearly.

shortlist talent

Shortlist the right-fit talent

We'll deeply analyze your shared requirements to curate a pool of right-fit dedicated talents for you to hire.

interview the talent

Interview the talent

Schedule the interview with your shortlisted talents to choose the one you think will be the best match to your requirements.

onboard talent

Onboard the talent & start the project

Onboard your selected remote talent in your team, begin your project and start utilizing the expertise of your dedicated talent for your project.

What We Assure To Provide

  • working hours

    Guaranteed 160 working hours

  • email

    Daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email

  • hiring employee

    Direct communication support with our resource(s)

  • hiring employee

    Weekly/monthly/yearly hiring

  • code delivery

    Daily/weekly/monthly code delivery

  • time zone

    Flexible office hours depend on the timezone

Start a Project Within 48 Hours!

Get access to the smooth talent hiring process to quickly onboard your right-fit talent to your team with all necessary agreements and start reaping benefits with each deliverable.


Frequently asked questions

Here's the list of FAQs regarding hiring dedicated Unreal engine game developers that you may want to ask us and many others have inquired about before:

You should go for the dedicated model to hire Unreal developers for many reasons, including:

  • They can provide 100% focus on your game project;
  • You have the opportunity to assemble your team of skilled Unreal developers;
  • They will work as your dedicated extended remote team;
  • You only have to pay for the hours your dedicated remote team has worked for;
  • This type of association often assures long-term partnership.

Then why not opt for the dedicated hiring model? Hire skilled Unreal game developers now!

The dedicated hiring model’s cost also varies depending on factors like the experience and expertise of the game developers, requirements for creativity and deadlines, the location of the game developers, etc. Let us know your gaming requirements to know ways we can help you with your project.

We understand the importance of your gaming business. It asks you to choose your dedicated team of Unreal developers wisely. So, you should consider the experience and expertise of the unreal experts, their portfolio, reliability, level of creativity, hiring rates, and much more.

As a leading game development studio, we have deployed and published a wide range of games built using Unreal Engine and other popular game development engines. At 300Mind, we ensure to help our clients achieve their growth goals in the best possible way. Apart from that, here are the reasons to choose 300Mind as your Unreal Engine game development partner:

  • Expert team with proficiency in trending game development technologies
  • Get a comprehensive gaming solution, from game design to development
  • Have creative experts on board to create captivating designs
  • Flexible business engagement models
  • From project start to delivery and even after that, get dedicated support
  • Get a dedicated project manager to ensure clear communication and high-quality project deliverables

Yes, we do provide game-level strategy and implementation services to make your game more interesting for players to stay connected with. Get in touch with us to discuss your gaming concept and level-up requirements to meet the evolving gaming trends.

Yes, of course! As a part of full-cycle Unreal game development, we do provide support for publishing your video game for them to easily install and play effortlessly. In addition to that, we do provide game marketing services as an add-on service to boost the publicity of your game. Contact us for more game development offerings.

As a creative gaming studio, with each game project we onboard, we assign our dedicated project manager to maintain better project management and communication with clients and talents. To ensure that, we use reliable communication and collaboration tools like Notion, Slack, Azure boards, Microsoft Teams, and more. On top of that, we do ensure to provide regular, weekly, or monthly project updates through email or chat mediums to keep you on the same page as we are.

Our standard workday is from 10 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri), as per Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5:30). However, we understand that some tasks and meetings may require more time, so our Unreal game developers are willing to extend their working hours by 3-5 +/- hours as needed.

Well, it’s rarely the case with us to change the onboarded talent. Because at the time of hiring talents, we do screen them for the necessary project management skills, like better communication and team spirit, along with their technical skills. However, in such extreme cases of changing talents, we do allow you to do the same upon request, as it falls under our client-centric policy.

Protecting clients' intellectual properties is our foremost priority. Hence, we ensure to close the deal by signing an NDA and delivering the project by all formalities to transfer the IP, along with design deliverables.