Top 10 Insane Games Made with Unreal Engine
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Top 10 Unreal Engine Games That are Ruling the Gaming World

Explore all about the top ten games made with Unreal Engine, tracing the transformative journey from timeless classics like Batman Arkham City to highly anticipated releases like Black Myth: Wukong. Also, take notes on the significant impact of cutting-edge technology on storytelling and witness how innovative strategies of these games changed the gaming world.

There was a time when games with minimal graphics and VFX used to captivate audiences, much like iconic games such as Super Mario Bros, Contra, and Pac-Man. Games have gone through an evolution due to technology that enables immersive storytelling like Fortnite, The Matrix Awakens, and Cyberpunk 2077 are hailed as some of the originals, and one common thread among them is their utilization of Unreal Engine, which makes these games highly engaging. 

Unreal Engine, first developed in 1998, is the tool widely used in first-person shooter games like Quake. With its ability to deliver cutting-edge graphics and simple workflow, Unreal Engine is often regarded as an ideal choice for game production. After knowing the top 10 unreal engine games, you’ll understand why this Engine is the top choice for many leading gaming studios.

10 Mad Unreal Engine Games

Certain games made with Unreal Engine proved why they are the best games to play like Batman Arkham City, Fortnite, and the list goes on. Let’s check out the top 10 games made with Unreal Engine that are all-time best games!

1. Batman Arkham City

batman arkham city

Every gamer who played Batman Arkham City says that this is a true masterpiece! Batman: Arkham City is based on the DC comics of Batman, and it is the sequel to the well-known Batman game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, picking up where the previous game left off.

As told, for the Batman fans, this game is the THING. In the game, you play the caped crusader, investigating secrets within Arkham City, a newly developed city following the difficulties of the previous adventure. Batman is captured here and must complete a series of missions to investigate the issues. Then there are a lot of subplots like the Catwoman that would surely make the overall experience legendary.

Undoubtedly, Batman Arkham City stands out as a masterpiece crafted with the Unreal Engine. It carries a profound message for gaming studios far and wide: harnessing the power of one of the industry’s prime engines demands more than technical prowess—it requires a dedication to crafting games that resonate deeply with players. Arkham City’s seamless integration of the Unreal Engine not only showcases its capabilities but also emphasizes the importance of creating experiences that players always look forward to.

2. Fortnite


Who doesn’t know about Fortnite? A battle royale game that Epic Games developed, the exact same company that was behind the creation of Unreal Engine.

Fortnite is one of the highest-grossing games on the planet. Every year, it generates billions of dollars in revenue. Its monetization is particularly noteworthy, as it solely charges players for cosmetic items and battle passes. Credit goes to Fortnite game strategies that are supremely remarkable. 

Is Fortnite like an alternative to PubG? No, don’t even think about it. A flying bus drops you and a group of strangers off on an island. Each of you on the island must collect and amass a significant amount of loot to strengthen yourself. As time passes, the playing area diminishes, forcing you to get closer to each other, resulting in confrontations and conflicts. The last one standing after eliminating all other players, wins the game! P.S. Here, there is no Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 

One of the reasons behind Fortnite’s popularity lies in its cartoonish visuals, which stand out distinctly. Another factor is its appeal to both children and adults, as the gameplay lacks graphic violence commonly found in titles like PUBG and Call of Duty. This uniqueness allows Fortnite to provide thrilling gameplay experiences without the presence of bloodshed, catering to a wider audience and contributing to its widespread acclaim.

3. Tetris Effect

Tetris was a game that had been undefeated since it was live in 1985 until a 13-year-old boy, Wilis Gibson finished all the levels and finished the game, shocking the world!

Speaking of the newer version of the classic game, regardless of format or platform is a timeless classic that appeals to all generations. While the general goal in Tetris is to match brick lines and prevent stacks from reaching the top, the new game adds various variations to this challenge. This improved edition of the game not only tests the player’s intelligence and tactics but also tests the player’s focus with thrilling visuals and techno-inspired sounds.

The newer gameplay has given a whole new realm of graphics that makes the classic game not just interesting but gives a special feel to the player. All thanks to the Unreal Engine!

4. Sea of Thieves

sea of thieves

A beautiful open sea that will instantly take you in the game. Sea of Thieves is a top Unreal Engine game based on a pirate theme. In the game, you take the role of a pirate, circling numerous seas of fortunes and treasures.

During its initial release, the game lacked certain features however the creators later updated the game and from then till now, Sea of Thieves is considered one of the most popular games of all time in the category of pirates game.

The game features several tasks to complete. You can fight other sea animals like the Megalodon and Kraken. You can also explore numerous islands, each with its own set of quests and secret treasures. Cherry on the cake, you can even dive underwater to explore the depths of the ocean.

One of the top reasons why it is one of the top games made with the Unreal engine is that it allows you to play the game the way you want. The game also features a cosmetic-based monetization system, which allows you to purchase various skins and outfits with in-game currency.  Arguably, Sea of Thieves is a cult game that got its due over a period of time.

5. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

final fantasy vii rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of the most complete games. It checks all the boxes from the visual to the sound department and no denying why it has a loyal fan base. The game hits hard, thanks to its superb cut-screens that dwell well with the story of the game.

Final Fantasy, a role-playing game published in 1987, is noted for its distinct locations and narratives, as well as its outstanding visuals. Its early adoption of 3D animation and full-motion films was crucial to its financial success.

The game takes place in the future city of Midgard. There are also several characters to play with. Each of these has unique talents. This makes the gaming more strategic as well. The character design is also spectacular, especially that of the main character, Cloud. Fun Fact: Final Fantasy XIV Online sold 2.7 million units with the approx gross revenue of $40.8 Million.

6. Borderlands 3


This doesn’t bring a smile to Thanos’ face; it also lights up the faces of Borderlands fans everywhere! Borderlands 3 is a well-known game in the business. It boasts distinct visuals that set it apart from many other games of the same genre, and it is widely regarded as one of the best games developed utilizing the Unreal Engine.

The game is filled with a lot of planets for the player to explore and yes, it is about the loots like PUBG or Fortnite. The more loot you hunt, the stronger you become. Of course, skills are mandatory.

The game runs on heavy humor. P.S. Nowadays games have lost this element. Also, it has co-op options in line with the top unreal engine games.

7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

star wars jedi 

If you’re a Star Wars fan then there is no denying that this game is for you! In a game of survival in a remote world, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis and his droid companion as they battle the imperial forces. With lightsabers and the force at his command, this third-person adventure game provides the ideal balance of action, adventure, and discoveries.

With a simple storyline, high-quality cutscenes, and flawless graphic direction, this is the ideal Star Wars action-adventure game to escape to.

8. HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice

hellblade senuas sacrifice

Mature 17+ Audience Advised! HellBlade: a Sanua’s Sacrifice is undoubtedly a masterpiece in the Indie gaming world. “And now that you’re home…..He’s so far away. They’ve taken his soul……To these Gods, you cannot pray…..”

This epic game, inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture, combines puzzle-solving, horror, and martial fighting. The game, which was released in 2017, features Senua, a psychotic protagonist who travels between realms wielding his blade to retrieve her lover’s soul.

Ninja Theory, an independent developer, created the video game with a balance of various gameplay, cutscenes, and live acting, ensuring a grand success.

9. Yashi’s Crafted World

yashis crafted world

“Games made by unreal engine are so epic, just look at Yashi’s Crafted World”. Yashi’s Crafted World is a programming game available for Nintendo Switch. It’s a fun game with plenty of cute art styles. It is one of the best Unreal Engine games since it demonstrates the engine’s ability to produce a wide range of visual styles.

The many platforms in the game resemble cardboard sets, with each set representing a level in the game. The game contains over 40 levels, including four additional post-credit levels that are the most difficult of all.

Yashi’s Crafted World is a top Unreal Engine game that appeals to players of all ages.

10. Black Myth: Wukong

black myth wukong

In the list of games made with Unreal Engine, the last game we are talking about has not been released yet but is probably the most anticipated one after its trailer and a few gameplay releases. With spells and charmed foes, the game follows Wukong’s journey as he conquers the way to the sky.

Black Myth, with its mix of myth, magic, and soul-like action, is one of the most anticipated games yet, especially given its many connections to the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.

After looking at the trailer, all we can say is we have super high hopes for this game. If everything turns right then no one can stop Black Myth from being in the category of the top 3 games made with an unreal engine.

Last thoughts

The gaming planet is incomplete without unreal engine games. Undeniably, it is so good that now people are using unreal engines for movies and animation too. But you also gotta understand that not all games can be made using unreal engines, it totally depends on the scale of your game and the need for it.

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