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Dots and Boxes: Unveiling Latest Version with Exciting Features

Call it Boxes, Dots, and Dashes, Game of Dots, Pigs in a Pen, or La Pipopipette, popularly known as Dots and Dashes is a traditional pencil and paper game first published in the late 1800s by French mathematician Édouard Lucas.

Whether it be late Millennials or GenZ, this game has been a memorable part of everyone’s childhood as one of the best pencil and paper games played in schools. As we modernize classic games, Dots and Boxes continues to bring joy through apps, just like other timeless favorites such as Ludo.

But not all modernized classic games have to be boring when played through apps. This is the reason why our team worked on adding some exciting in-game features to our Dots and Boxes game.

Let us get a glimpse of what the new 300Mind’s Dots and Boxes latest version looks like.

How Has Our Dots And Boxes Game Improved?

While the earlier version of the game had fantastic themes, it fell short of keeping users consistently engaged. Realizing this, our creative brainstormed and came up with some gripping in-game features to level up the gameplay and user engagement. Here’s a glimpse of how the game has improved:

A Brand New UI!

brand new UI of Dots and Boxes

To enhance the game significantly, the team kicked off a major transformation by introducing exciting updates to the UI/UX. This ensures a memorable experience and checks the box for user-friendly design.

From exciting in-game characters to a vibrant and cohesive theme, the UI UX of the new version has it all in terms of design which the user would want in a game of dots and boxes.

Beyond the new user interface, the core of this update introduces exciting in-game features such as rewards, power-ups, and more. Let’s dive deeper into these thrilling features.

New Features Unveiled in Our Game!

To offer more exciting user engagement and in-game aspects that would keep the players coming back, we’ve added some of the one-of-a-kind features. Here’s a sneak peek into the latest additions and improvements within the game:


From matching with online players for thrilling Dots and Boxes matches in public mode with players from around the world to creating your own or joining one in private mode to enjoy gameplay with your friends and loved ones, these modes enable players to enjoy the game with the players of their choice.


One of the most effective ways to level up your gameplay is by using power-ups. Apart from claiming them in other rewards, users can also acquire these power-ups in the store with gems and coins. The store also has coins and gems up for sale, the users can use their gems or real money respectively to purchase them.


With this Power-up, players can skip their opponent’s turn and take an extra turn in the game just like the skip card in UNO. By doing it, players can get more chances to connect the dots, increase their odds of forming boxes, and turn their opponent’s strategy upside down.


Trade your current power-ups for new ones in their inventory using Swap power-ups. For instance, if you realize that using “Reverse” would help you beat your opponent more easily than your current “Skip” power-up, you can make the switch using the Swap power-up (if you have one).

Steal Box

This power-up lets players steal a box that their opponent has already made. But, there’s a limit(only one box) to how much they can steal, so it’s fair for everyone.

Block Line

With the Block Line power-up, you can create a temporary barrier line during the gameplay. Doing so would stop your opponent from grabbing dots or finishing a box in that spot until the gameplay is over.


The Shuffle Power-up mixes up the game grid(randomly shuffles the lines in the grid), changing the lines arranged and giving you fresh opportunities for strategic moves.

Destroy Box

With this power-up, you can smash any box(only one) your opponent made earlier.

Box Shield

You can safeguard the boxes you have created from getting destroyed by your opponent with the Box Shield power-up. It allows you to apply a shield on all boxes you have created.


Just like the UNO reverse card this power-up, you can make your opponent go again, and they’ll get another turn to play.


One of the most powerful power-ups of them all, when Domino power-up is used, it triggers a cascading effect of box creation in all blogs in all 4 directions i.e. Left, Right, Up, and Down.

Scratch Card

Dots and Boxes Scratch Card

That’s not it when it comes to earning rewards(coins) as we have made scratch cards available after every AD(a maximum of 15 scratch cards a day). These scratch cards are available upon viewing in game  ADs.

Daily Rewards Quest

Apart from these features the players also have a chance to claim coins once every day. Further, they can even claim coins, gems, or power-ups upon watching the advertisements mentioned in the daily reward quest.

free coins in Dots and Boxes

Apart from this, the player can also earn exciting rewards(Coins on Day 1, Day 2, Day 4, and Day 5, Gems on Day 3 and Day 6, and Power-ups on Day 7) from our 7-Day Streak. You don’t have to lose heart if you miss a day and break the streak as you can use a certain amount of coins to keep the streak going.

Dots and Boxes Daily Rewards

Tap Card Reward

Just like the streaks you make on Snapchat, you can even make a rewards streak with a tap card reward feature across 25 levels. But you do want to tap on the cards wisely as if you accidentally unveil a card with a bomb, you would end up breaking the streak and forfeit your hard-earned rewards (only if you choose to give up). However, you can carry on the winning spree even after encountering a bomb using gems.

tap card rewards in Dots and Boxes

Whether you choose to conclude the streak or end it midway, players can collect their accumulated rewards. These tap cards are available for use once every 24 hours.

Dots and Boxes CTA

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