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Pure Beauty

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About Project

There is beauty inside in everyone, but the perspective to see it differs from person to person! Here, we are bringing the PURE beauty online platform designing concept referring to nature and organic products that touches everyone’s heart and connects emotionally with ingenious and compelling web & mobile app UI in one go.

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Here's How We Came Up With This Final "Pure" Solution

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As the solution highly promotes Pure Nature Touch and Organic-themed products, our team of innovative designers was determined to portray the theme. For better design justification, the designer team also did a bunch of research work to pick out the best-fit images and layouts that eulogize the true beauty and organic experience. Here, research interprets both online and offline approaches. But as the digital world is getting resourceful, our tech and design teams took their PURE web app development inspiration to understand the beauty shopping behaviors from online research.

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Our Solution

Our team of designers and software engineers had the advantage of knowing the clear requirements of the client to maintain the 'Organic Beauty Product' type. Hence, starting from empathizing with the concept, ideating the design concept, and structuring the layout by keeping the exceptional app surfing experience to testing, we were able to design this astounding design solution. So, that was our sigma rule to develop the PURE web app design that gives the feel like it directly came from nature!

Not to be overwhelmed or satisfied with our work, we ensured to keep our beta ready with even more creativity. Hence, we are determined to use every single prospect to pile up our assets!

User Flow

It's a systematic structure of how the user will interact with the features & functionalities implemented in this PURE web app solution to complete a certain task. The flow shows almost all possibilities from starting "login" point to the end "exiting app", the way a user can use this solution.

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100% Vegan Cruelty-Free Pregnancy-Safe 100% Vegan Cruelty-Free Pregnancy-Safe

Love Derived From Nature

Extraordinary products that highlight importance through quality & a bizarre experience.

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Serving quality Pure products with organic ingredients so that your skin would smile wide!

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I have been using Pure products for over a year now and its nature-like experience has made me stop using any other ones except Pure. Now, they are a major part of my daily lifestyle. All credit goes to their toxic-free ingredients, freshness and even the fragrance of each. Kudos!

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Client's Word

As the Pure product concept focuses on nature's touch, we wanted something unique that exactly speaks for our brand. When we came across the 300Mind Studio, they seemed all prepared - they showed us many templated designs that met our brand value. The difficulty was each was good, but their assistance helped us choose the right-fit one. I must say, they are really an army of creatives.

Harlly Smith (Founder, CEO)

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