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Money Maker

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Discover rare digital art and collect

“What are NFTs?”

NFT are known as "non-fungible token." In general, NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos. NFTs can be also be considered as modern-day collectibles.

Unlimited NFTs Art

This platform allows you to be creative and sell your art at desirable costs. You can purchase the arts from this platform, too.

Unlimited NFTs Art


NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate. Here we have created a dynamic design for the same, you can see the UI and learn more about NFT in here.



The concept of this NFT marketplace: MoneyMaker is about making people aware of digital art. If they are good at it then they can explore the same and make money.


Brand Identity

We created a design relevant to the concept of this NFT platform. We have maintained the look and feel of the design. If the user explores this platform, he'll be compelled to learn more about the same.

brand identity
Logo with BG
Logo with NFT

Thinking Process

Below is the section where we have presented our process of thinking. How we have carried out each and every step to design this web application.

Thinking Process

User Flow

We have taken care of smooth flow, when the user explores the same; he'll amazed to have experience it.

User Flow


Fonts play an important role in the design, here we have mindfully chosen the fonts that go well with the theme and are readable to everyone out there.

Fonts Colors

UI Design Screens

By taking care of user flow, we have placed the UI on screen in a way that attracts users in one go.

Landing Page
Landing List
Landing Collections
NFT Cards
All Screens

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