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The key goal here is to offer users a paradise of comfort, here we have created a simplistic and clear design for this e-commerce website which has user-friendly navigation and layouts.



The idea behind avoiding complexity is to let the content and layouts get prime focus so that the user can be guided to explore more. Having clarity in the website design easily leads a user to CTA.


Typography & Colors

Here we have used two types of fonts “KyivType Sans” and “Roboto”. KyivType Sans is Unique and Interesting sans serif font that is great for logos, invitations, cards, product packaging, Poster and Label. Roboto is a variable typeface family designed to create a comfortable and frictionless reading experience.

The colors are picked carefully to match the concept of the funiture. A colour can, however, be precisely specified by its hue, saturation, and brightness – these three attributes sufficient to distinguish it from all other possible perceived colours.

typography and colors


Moodboards are physical or digital collages that arrange images, materials, text, and other design elements into a format that’s representative of the final design’s style.


Grid Style

Grids work as a framework that helps product teams to arrange UI elements in a way that allows maintaining good visual balance from page to page.

grid styles
modern furniture text

Home Screen

Modern furniture is an aplication and a website of online store for the furniture products, You can find unique and stylish furniture products here.

header section homescreen
footer section homescreen
different furnitures

Categories Screen

We have devided furnitures in to categories like table, Chairs, Desks, Sofas, etc...So it will be easy for customers to find any particular product.

categories screens

Product Screen

In a product screen, here we have all the details about the particular product with color, size, category and reviews.

product screens

Other Screens

We are providing morethan 15 screens for both mobile and desktop views.

other screen

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