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AR Sports

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Project Overview

Step into the world of the classic world of next-level gaming experience with AR sports. This game is based upon the augmented reality that offers you a realistic experience while playing the game. Ultimately, this game is all about obtaining the experience that is nothing less than a classic experience.

Project Overview Logo
Sport Text with Ball


While the team of 300Mind came up with the idea of launching this game for the users to offer them a seamless and never-seen-before gaming experience, there were ample challenges attached to them. The design team and gaming team had a lot of things to take care of. Let's see how we overcome the same in the solutions section.


Designing and developing such kind of game requires many things along with ample effort to be put in. Our gaming artists and design team have worked hard and painstakingly for the users to delve into this majestic gaming world. The design of the game matches up with the core of the game so that the users don't get detached from the look and feel.

Building Your World


Choose Your Game

So, we have presented you with two games; you can play either of these two and obtain an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Logo Design

We have mindfully designed the logo of the game "AR sports" that matches up with the core purpose of the game. The motive of this logo is to connect with the audience directly.

Wireframe Logo
Real Logo

Typography & Colors

Fonts play an important role in the design, the design team has made the use of fonts that are visible clearly to the audience and have a sense of attraction in the same.

Typography Colors
Basketball Girl

let's play basketball

Lets Play Basketball Banner

Enjoy the majestic gaming experience with AR sports. Play any of these two games and have equally fun while playing the same. You are hardly going to exit once you have started playing the same.

Lets Play Basketball Mobile Screen
Basketball Net
Men with Basketball
Basketball UI Screens

This game is all about offering users the real-time experience in the mobile, that's the magic of augmented reality. All you need to do is to select the any spot on the wall and you're all set to play; the game will be displayed on your cellphone.

Mobile With Hand
Basketball Player

Have a luxury of getting real-time gaming experience in your cellphone with AR sports



Lets Play Dart Banner

Be it basketball or the DART game, you are not a single step away from enjoying this game to the core. All you need to do is to install this game and start playing the same; believe us, we have made people go mad over it.

dart game mobile
Dart Select Game Screen
Dart Results Screen
Girl With Dart
Girl Playing Dart

The reason why we have come up with AR sports games is to make people experience unique gaming. Before that, you'd have been bored of playing regular games. But AR sports is nothing similar to those games.

Dart UI Screens
dart gallery


App Store


App Store App Store

Client Feedback

Client Profile
Tom Ohara

(Founder, CEO)

I can't express my happiness to see the work I've got from the team of 300 minds. I got exactly what I was required for the game and expected from the team. I'd be forever grateful for the work the team has done, looking forward to working with these guys in the future, too.

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