What Types of Game Art Projects Can You Outsource to 300Mind?

2D and 3D Game Art

We can help with both 2D/3D game design. Avail our 2D artists for concept art and game UI. For hyper-realistic dimensions & stunning characters, hire our 3D artists.

Concept Art

Our concept artists are experts in everything, be it character, environment, or props with different styles. Our concepts do have the power to improve the animated media they are used in.

Game Environment and Maps Designing

At 300Mind, we design immersive game environments that keep players engaged and create maps that are easy to navigate and understandable.

Props Designing

Our props designers are very well versed in designing a rich repertoire of props, be it medieval-styled weapons or modern props, which are often loved by game enthusiasts.

Character & Outfit Designing

Be it character modeling for the game or video animation, 300Mind has expertise in designing diversified characters and their outfits matching your concept for the media.

Game UI Designing

Game UI and game environment are distinct aspects. At 300Mind, we excel in both, ensuring an immersive experience in both the game environment and UI.

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