How to Create a Mobile Game: 11 Steps Guide

Develop an Idea

Developing a great idea for your game is pretty crucial as it helps you with a strong foundation of the game's concept and overall game UI.


Create game concept

Creating the concept of a game determines everything from game’s mechanics, game’s genre, to its target audience and platform consideration.


Select game engine

Selecting the right mobile game platform and mobile game engine for your game development determines its quality and functionality.


Develop GDD

A game design document is a document that outlines all the important aspects of the game for smoother coordination of teams who are involved in the development process.


Create game structure

A game structure is a merge of various elements, like the characters, the texture, the environment, and all the objects, that make a game different from the other ones.


Create a game wireframe

A wireframe is a blueprint of the final design of the game that comprises basic shapes, lines, and text, without any actual visual assets or graphic design elements.


Developing a mobile game

After you are done with wireframe design of your game; once it gets approved, you are good to start developing your mobile game.


Test your game

Once the process of mobile game development is done, you can pass it to QA engineers for testing and debugging.


Select monetization strategy

As you have put lots of effort developing the game, you must select the right monetization strategy to help it reach its target audience.


Release your game

After selecting the right monetization strategy, it’s time to release your game for the users. Cross your fingers and release it.


Support and Maintenance

After successfully releasing your game, you must launch its updated versions regularly and keep on maintaining the game as per users convenience.


For detailed information on the game development process, refer to our detailed article.

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