UI/UX Design Trends

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Let your cursors show some moves


If it’s about the navigation of the whole app or website, then the cursor is the most influential yet underrated element of the UI design.

Treat your users with dark fantasy


The dark themes were just for mobile devices, many prominent websites have implemented the dark theme for a customized user experience.

Split the damn screen


As the name suggests, split-screen design is something that divides the screen into two parts and the content is put into the design in that accordance.

Immersive scrolling will rock in 2023


With immersive scrolling, customers can witness the item they’re shopping for in 3D or portrayed in other ways that improve the online shopping experience.

Mixed Reality + Augmented Reality


It’s projected that there will be a notable boost in the number of mainstream brands using AR/VR in their websites or apps for the sake of boosting user engagement.

Feasts in design


From monochromatic and neumorphism design styles, there are brands that choose to be as colorful as Cadbury gems. Brands are choosing to be vivacious; presenting their niche in the form of colorful rainbow cakes.



Scrolling enables users for better decision-making that is based on cognitive reflection. With scrollytelling, the design layout works subconsciously and consciously in people.

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